Attendance & Access Control Systems

Metalex Automation is a leading entrance automation and security automation company.

Biometric Attendence Systems

  • Increase the accuracy of payroll during the pay period.
  • Biometrics provide accurate time and attendance records to the payroll system as it saves employees working time and decrease overhead.
  • The biometric attendance system will alert employees to excessive overtime sitations which helps to balance the workload.
  • The biometric system improves accountability and responsibility for employees because it can accurately identify the late attendance, frequent, extended or unscheduled breaks.
  • Time Attendance
  • Access controls
  • Visitor Management
  • Cafeteria Management
  • Contract Workers Management
  • Job Processing & Costing
  • Vehicle Access Management
  • Field Visit Management

Access Control

The standard method of communication- USB, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, RF card reader – Various input methods can be used to access the doors, like Radio Frequency Card, Fingerprint, Password or the combinations of the same. The appearance is ingenious and elegant. One can Restrict Access or limit access to certain areas.

  • Fingerprint and Card based Doro Controllers
  • Palm Vein Door Controller
  • Two-doors controller
  • Customization in Access for Users.
  • Goes Beyond Standard Doors, No more Lost keys.
  • Reduces Thefts and accidents, Increases safety.
  • Knows who’s Coming & Going, No Undetected Strangers.

Face Detection

  • Our device has advanced face detection feature
  • Device has capability for temperature detection
  • Our device can detect masked face as well as unmasked face
  • Device offers protective palm recognition
  • Device is supported by real time alerts and dashboard
  • Device works well for employees as well as visitors