Shutters & High Speed Doors

Metalex Automation is a leading entrance automation and security automation company.

Single wall Rolling Shutters

  • Shutter is Fabricated of Inter-locking roll-formed continuous profiles of galvanized sheet. Galvanized profiles available are of form .8mm to 1.2 mm
  • Shutter can be integrated with perforated Ribs to achieve specific customer requirement of Ventilation of See through Vision.
  • Available in G.I/M.S/Galvalume Material
  • Available profiles- RS81GS, RS81GS Venti, RS78GS, RS78GS Venti

Grill Rolling Shutter

  • Constructed of Design with Horizental Round Polished bars interlocked with Vertical Bright Steel Polished Bar.
  • Provides Attractive yet Functional Means to Secure areas.
  • Provides Optimal Protection without sacrificing Visual access.
  • Air Circulation or light Infiltration

Puff Shutter

  • Available in GI & Aluminum Panels.
  • Seamless and Noiseless Operations.
  • Equipped with Supervisor Quality Italy Make Centre Drive.
  • Can be used where Insulation is Required
  • Can be used indoor where aesthetics and very important like in Malls , Offices, Residential doors.

Automatic Garage Doors

  • With Roof Sliding Mechanism
  • With Density of Approx 40kg/m, which could offer high thermal efficiency and sound insulation of your Garage Doors.
  • Seamless and Noiseless Operations.
  • Equipped with German Make Drive.

High Speed Doors

  • With High-Tech Nanotechnology, Double Sided.
  • With upto 2mm Thick PVC Curtain.
  • With Anti-wind Aluminum Strip, Aluminum Side Guide with Brushes, Stainless Steel Top Cover and Motor Cover.
  • Equipped with Servo Controller, German Brand Servo Motor, Photo-eye Sensor, Encoder, Microwave Motion Sensor, Down Limit.
  • With Variable Frequency Drives with Speed From 1mtr/Sec.

Automatic Sliding Glass Door

  • Modern & Reliable Operators for different opening of Doors, with innovative Technology for High Performance, security, convenience and design to ensure that the Automatic Door solution is suitable for all types of spaces and installation, event the heaviest ones. It Stands out for the Modular Design, the mechanical and electronic features creates a Flexible, Functional and Compact Sliding Door system. It is Easy to install and provide dwith most advanced Technology Solutions present in the Market.