Entrance & Pedistrian Automation

Metalex Automation is a leading entrance automation and security automation company.

Boom Barrier & Parking Management Sytstem
  • Boom Barrier & Parking Management System comprises of Ticket Dispenser, Ticket Reader, Data Controllers, Manual Cash Desk, Parking Guiding System, Advanced PMS Software and Boom Barriers.
Tripod Turnstile/Flap Barriers
  • Tripod Turnstile is a Three Armed Rotating Security Gate. Turnstile/Flap Barrieres are very simple, reliable and economical crowd-organizing enterance Gate System.
Automatic Rising Bollards
  • There are the Post Arranged in a line to Obstruct the Passages of Motor Vehicles & Restricted Unwanted Acc. Available in Hydraulic and Pnumatic Mechanism